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 About Moi, Slinkyslink

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PostSubject: About Moi, Slinkyslink   Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:09 am

Howdy, y’all! I thought I should do an introductory board about myself :3

My penname is Slinky- don’t be shy to give me a different variation on this X3
I’m from wee old New Zealand, so I’m basically a day ahead of all of you, haha. . with that in mind, you can guess my log in times are pretty spastic.
I’m 18 years old, and fresh out of college. I am going to University next year and doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts c: with that I hope to get a job at Weta Work Shops- they did all the backbone for the LotR triology and other movies.
So from that, you’ve probably worked out that I love to draw, and paint ^___^
Writing is also one of my passions- obviously.
I am a yaoi fangirl.
I am also a vampire >k

I really love anime and manga :3 especially Death Note, DNAngel, Kyo Kara Maoh, Full Metal Panic!, Vampire Knight and works by Koge Donbo and CLAMP.
I’m a huge book worm, and choosing favourites is totally impossible XP all you need to know is that I love Darren Shan’s vampire and demon series, and dislike the Twilight series. However I totally respect people who do like Twilight- I don't want ill feelings.
Imma proud female gamer. Pokemon, Spyro, Okami, Kingdom Hearts are some of my favs c:
Koei and Namco are my fav producers
As for movies, I love most movies, haha! I LOVE Tim Burton, especially The Nightmare Before Christmas. Disney is always dear to my heart. Sir Peter Jackson is my idol c: The Lovely bones is a personal favourite of mine.
And tv programs, love Dr Who, Torchwood, House MD, Boston Legal and Glee.

My roleplay characters for this particular forum are Louise, James and Q and A. Right now I am content with just these four. I typically just rp Louise.
My other rp characters, are, well, alot, haha. But my three main ones are Shya ( an angel ), Suol ( human ) and Gemini ( wolf hybrid )

And I think that’s all you need to know ^^
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About Moi, Slinkyslink
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