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 Knock Twice before Entering

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PostSubject: Re: Knock Twice before Entering   Wed Jan 06, 2010 3:43 am

Luna's eyes grew in shock when the petite vampire took control. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It caused her great amusement when she took in how off place the anger looked on the perfect little angle. She growled menacingly as Jade came closer and closer.

She struggled to get out of the small woman's grasp, kicking her legs frantically. She bared her teeth, trying to take snaps at her ivory arms. All of it happened so fast in Luna's golden burning eyes. They nearly turned a fiery red as her rage took hold. The close proximity made her wolf form shake with disgust, she wanted to claw the girls porcelain face off.

The werewolf collided into the ground, feeling stiff and numb as she tried to regain her strength. She slowly rose to her paws, her bloody claws digging deep into the rich soil. She narrowed her burning eyes at her enemies, feeling like she could loose control at any second. She let a growl rip through her chest. Luna tried her hardest to ignore the pain that the small vampire caused her. It would make her look weak.

She bolted, her paws pushing off the vegetated ground with high force. She leaped gracefully through the air, colliding her muscular body with the blond vampire. She sent the women flying into the werewolf that hit her with the whiskey bottle. She was glad that she was able to get her revenge on the traitor. She howled triumphantly as she towered over the two, her teeth exceedingly close to the woman's perfect face.

A slight smile crossed Brandon's face when he landed on the ground. Sure, there were two immortal creatures on him, but he was comfortable with his back against the cold soil. His eyes dropped, heavy from the effects of alcohol. He mumbled, feeling highly intoxicated. He wasn't exactly sure if he would be able to stay conscious through everything. He didn't care though, he would prefer to be asleep, he wouldn't have to deal with the pain that was sure to come. Everyone probably wanted to rip him into shreds by now. He shrugged, letting his eyes close. His neck grew tired of holding his head up. Giving up, his head hit the ground with a thud, making him blackout.
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PostSubject: Re: Knock Twice before Entering   Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:06 am

A “good work out”. Yeah right.

Louise cursed himself for not stopping Jade while he had the chance. But her sudden transformation from emotionless mannequin in the corner, to a snarling harpy was something to behold. Jade could take care of herself, the only question was for how long? The slavering she-wolf was almost as tall as her, and much more broader.

And yeah- maybe Ash was right.

This being good for him, that is.

Jade had been punted around one too many times. He might have only just met Jade tonight, but something was there- it was weird to describe. All Louise was concerned about was protecting the girl, and who ever got in his way would be damn sorry.

The female was too preoccupied on getting revenge on Jade to notice that she had two other very angry male vampires to deal with. Louise could have broken a pane of glass near the wolves ear and he doubted she would have heard him. With the speed of a snake, Louise snuck forwards, leaping lightly and landing snuggle on top of the female wolf.

Don’t think he told himself, because then he would realise he was gripping the fur of a wolf, something he never visualised himself doing in his life. Louise brought a hand around, nails like claws and he touched them lightly to Luna’s throat. A very real threat. “You dip your head to bite, my hand goes through your neck. If you move in any other way, I’ll slit your throat. You try to throw me off, I’ll rip your jugular out. Or, fourth option, you walk away with your tail between your legs, but with your head still intact. Your choice.”
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PostSubject: Re: Knock Twice before Entering   Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:21 am

Jade's small body flew backwards; unexpectedly landing onto the drunkard. Nice catch? She ignored his sudden slumber, and quickly staggered to her feet, eyes widened with rage.

Her neat platinum locks tapered across her dirt and blood painted face. Her extravagant ball gown hung loosely around her beaten body, only shards of thin fabric remaining around her thin frame. While quickly limping back towards the sickening werewolf, Louise and Ash broke her upcoming revenge. She stood baffled and simply amazed by Louise's courageous words. She couldn't help but let a proud grin take hold of her scowling frown. The anger seemed to have immediately lifted from her porcelain face; almost an illuminating glow beaming off her pale skin. As if a cartoon character, her sapphire eyes twinkled in awe, never hearing someone defend her in such fervor. Aside from her father like Ash, of course.

Ash's face twisted in fury, eyes narrowing into mere crescents. His golden eyes gleamed from under the messy locks of auburn hair that fell carelessly to the front of his face. Without any hesitation, he was at Louise's side, bearing his hand neatly around Luna's shoulder; free hand clamped onto her hip.
"Move, and I'll snap your body in two, putrid dog!" he yelled, while digging his nails into the wolve's skin.


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PostSubject: Re: Knock Twice before Entering   

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Knock Twice before Entering
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