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 OOC; Rules & Information

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PostSubject: OOC; Rules & Information   Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:14 am

The actual plot has finally been added! Please read the following rules and information below, before posting on the thread!

1. Do not create any new threads on this topic.

2. Please specify if your character is supporting the Camarilla or against it. Post your answers below.
Ash Strauss: Anarch
Damsel Vormun: Anarch/Cammy (split personality)

3. Please make the sides semi equal! We don't want all Anarchs! I know.. It's awfully tempting.

4. It's only natural that characters will die.. This is pretty much a war. However... if you choose to have your character die in this specific thread, that doesn't mean they have to die altogether. For example.. Ash Strauss may keel over because Lacroix kills him. HOWEVER, Ash will still be played in other roleplays within the forum.

5. You may use all your characters in this thread.

6. You may create characters specifically for this thread, and not use them elsewhere.

8. Follow the general Guild rules.


Ash Strauss, the chevalier.
Jade Alleyne, angelic silence.
Ziggy Ackland, the complete moron
Charlie Cross, Camarilla pansy

Eden Shepherd, the psychopathic hybrid.
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OOC; Rules & Information
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