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 No One Is Perfect

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PostSubject: No One Is Perfect   Fri Dec 25, 2009 10:23 pm

Falling..falling...falling... she managed to remain upright, her exausted figure nearly being crushed by the large vampire. Fliping him back, she put her bare foot on his throat, and sneered,"Ready to die?" Crack. His neck was broke, and she burned the body, watching his flesh rot. Her day was going to hell.The warm, mid-day sun made her sleepy; bit the trees kept of most of the warmth off as she tossed the still smoldering carcass into the river. "Nighty night." she whispered, sending up a Greek prayer that she could make it home. Running a hand through her dark hair, Ryder wished she could fly. But she couldn't. Instea, she had the next best thing. Being a werewolf.

Leaping into the air, her body seemed to ripple, and she was a tall, 143 pound, black wolf when she hit the ground running. The same haunting silver-blue eyes were ever so watchful as she ran with speed that few could match. Her wolf body mae it easier; it felt as natural as breathing to her.

Ryder was nearly 220 years old, and she coudn't find the perfect mate. Haha. No on was perfect.
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No One Is Perfect
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