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 A message from Lacroix

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PostSubject: A message from Lacroix   Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:21 am

January 1st, 2010- Day of the dinner party

Ash sat quietly in the plush mulberry couch Jade had insisted on purchasing for their small aphotic apartment. It's dark complexion complimented the other various pieces of furniture Jade also persisted on buying for their household. Thick rimmed glasses perched at the brim of his defined nose, nearly falling off his lean face to his lap. His gaze was fixated in the pile of mail which rested in his open hands, carefully reading over the numerous messages of junk mail, and irrelevant human news. A loud sigh parted his lips as he carefully tossed the pile of useless mail aside him.

Jade popped her head in the dim-lit room, a smile meeting with Ash as she silently greeted him.

"You're home already?" Ash mumbled while rubbing his sore eyes vigorously with the back of his hands. His forehead scattered deep lines as Jade flicked another light switch on. "Ahh.. it's bright." he chuckled while patting his hand against the free space on the couch. "Come here!"

Jade gracefully made her way to his side, gently sitting at the edge of the cushion. Her sapphire eyes glanced at him, a small smile appearing onto her doll like lips. She playfully outstretched her arm, plucking his glasses from his face. She tossed it to the dark wood coffee table infront of them, along with the pile of mail which sat in her place. As she flicked the letters aside, a small envelope fluttered to the ground. She curiously leaned over, picking the antique looking parchment and held it to her face.

"I must have missed this one." Ash grimaced while drawing the parchment mischievously from Jade's grasp. Her face snapped up, darting him a half-hearted frown. Ash simply chuckled while ripping away the tip of the envelope. A small fragment of a paper fell from the over sized cover. He pulled the note close to his face.


Dear fellow kindred,
I would like to formally invite you all to the Camarilla Mansion in order to discuss several concerns in which you must adhere to. Simply to help solve and eliminate these complications. I'd like to fully explain this situation in a more formal surrounding.



His eyes snapped shut, tossing the note in the air. Jade slumped over, quickly catchy the fluttering paper in mid-air. Her eyes read over the few words, and quietly folded her hands in her lap.

"That man has some nerve!" Ash snapped while propping his elbow against the couch's arm. His rested his chin in the palm of his hand, rolling his eyes towards Jade.
She looked at him curiously, unsure of what exactly was going through his mind.
"That's today.." she whispered in her normal hushed tone, Ash groaned loudly under his breath while positioning his hunched body upwards.

"Exactly. " he mumbled while throwing his hand across his forehead, "Damn." he spat while quickly getting to his feet.

"Get ready. I want to know what this pansy has to say now."


Ash Strauss, the chevalier.
Jade Alleyne, angelic silence.
Ziggy Ackland, the complete moron
Charlie Cross, Camarilla pansy

Eden Shepherd, the psychopathic hybrid.
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A message from Lacroix
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