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 If the world were a canvas I'd paint it blue

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PostSubject: If the world were a canvas I'd paint it blue   Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:54 pm

The small alley appeared to be the typical still life of a dead end. Nothing within it moved and all was silent. A quick flash of movement marked the presence of a woman in the window above.

Alex pushed open the blinds and stuck her head out the window of the small two story apartment, turning her face skywards to watch the fading colors of the sunset. A smile lit her face as she turned towards the closet to grab a tattered black bag from the shelf within. It would soon be dark and the fading light would provide a perfect cover for what she was about to do.

Rather than even contemplating over the stairs she climbed out the window. The metal of the ladder feeling cool against her skin as she slid to the pavement underfoot. She carefully made her way to the end of the alley and stepped out into the street, her golden eyes looking for a possible canvas amidst the buildings lining the street.

She eventually settled on a small, empty alley a few blocks away. She looked over the surface, the cold brick proving to be smooth and currently free of any distinguishable flaws. A quick once-over of her surroundings revealed no unwanted eyes. With no further hesitation she set out a mismatched collection of brushes, paints, and spray cans and set to work with a silent fervor.
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If the world were a canvas I'd paint it blue
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