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 If I died today, I'd be the Happy Phantom

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PostSubject: If I died today, I'd be the Happy Phantom   Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:12 am

It was one of those cities that never slept, the perfect type of city for a vampire. In the distance the lights of the Golden Gate Bridge glittered in the moonlit sky. Everywhere there was life, lights, parties. It never stopped. Men were holding onto men, women holding onto women, men holding onto women, and some debatable genders holding onto whoever they pleased. It wasn’t necessarily love that hung in the air, but there certainly was lust. No, it was not like Paris or Venice, though there were aspects of the place all over the city. It was San Francisco. And San Francisco was maybe more of a safe haven for naughty secrets than Las Vegas. But she didn’t like Vegas, it was too dirty. In San Francisco there was no middle class, no redneck trash, but there were bums. The bums even seemed to have more class than most of the ones in the United States. San Francisco was the place for guilty pleasures for the rich.

And that most certainly made it her favorite city in America. Of course, there were cities that she enjoyed, but none of them were like San Fran. The woman walked through Fisherman’s Warf with a feather light step that made it seem as if she wasn’t even placing her feet on the ground. The only proof that she wasn’t hovering over the pavement was the slow and steady click of her heels as they hit the pavement. On ever corner there seemed to be a different panhandler. Whether they did this as their primary job or not could always be debated. Some just did it for fun. Those seemed to be the ones who were the best. Even though all of them were interesting, they only caught her eye for a brief moment. Currently, she was searching for her own toy to play with, but it wasn’t of the same variety as inanimate objects. No, the young woman was searching for a human toy. A pretty pet for the night to keep her entertained.

The last time she’d been to this city was back when Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio roamed the streets. It had changed since then, both of the celebrities dead and gone now. But the general vibe of the place was still the same. Pure bliss and entertainment. In the distance she could see the bridge shining in all its glory. Tourists were still walking across it, daring the heights for some natural high that she could attain in other ways. As she walked she could feel eyes on her, and of course they were looking at her. Women of her variety had a certain magnetism to them. A pull that drew people in, and not for the good. Her stone skin glowed faintly in the night city lights, the pallid hue seeming too porcelain to be natural. Like a living doll. The features of this doll were direct, defined, and striking, from her big Mediterranean hued eyes to her full lips set in a desirable pout. What seemed to catch the eye of most onlookers though was not her face, as alluring as it may have been, but her hair. The curls fell to the ends of her shoulder blades in a river of fire colored locks. The shades of gold, red, orange, and copper stood out distinctly, making her even more radiant. Her body was lean and goddess like, curves pulling the eyes of men and women to her as her hips moved from side to side with her leisurely walk. And why not be leisurely? After all she didn’t have anywhere to be, and everything was still alive even nearing eleven at night. But what seemed to make her inhuman beauty stand out more was the simplicity of her attire. A black dress that hugged her body, the skirt flaring lightly showing off long legs, with simple black peep-toe heels covering her feet. The summer night wasn’t so cold that a jacket was necessary to cover her bare shoulders.

This, my dears, was Aveline de Lorme. Seductress, artist, but most importantly, predator. Don’t let that pretty doll like face fool you, she would tear your heart out and eat it without a moments notice. Which was what she was currently planning on doing. Of course, her vanity kept her from just grabbing any ol’ John or Jane Doe off the street. If she was going to have a toy for the night, her toy would have to be beautiful. She wouldn’t stand for any less. Man or woman, that didn’t matter, just beautiful. There was a slight look of disgust on her features as she passed a group of “scene” kids. And she thought the terrible fads of the 80s were gone. Before she knew it shoulder pads would be back in style. No, none of them would do. What Aveline wanted was someone elegant, intelligent, and to put it simply, worth her time. If the immortal was going to be seen with /anyone/ it would be someone that could at least stand beside her and not look so incredibly human. Which made her selection very narrow. Very narrow indeed.

It wasn’t long before she decided to take a seat, crossing one leg over the other. To her right was a violin player, making the instrument sing with its angelic voice in a way that attracted her. Too bad the person playing wasn’t anything special to look at, or she might’ve chosen the man to be her meal for the night. Her deep sea eyes scanned around the faces of the passing people, a fire, hunger, and insanity buried in the depths of the orbs. Ah, San Francisco, she knew it wouldn’t let her down. Soon enough her entertainment would come, even if he was in the form of a vampire. Vampires satisfied her bloodlust as well.
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If I died today, I'd be the Happy Phantom
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