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 One time at Band Camp.....

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PostSubject: One time at Band Camp.....   Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:15 pm

The small bar was teeming with life as the night fell. Men strolled in, giving women the usual once-over. But, as most things are, not everything is what it seems. In fact, most of the women in the bar were not human. Those who were knew the ropes into making men believe that somehow they were a supernatural creature. To those with, eh, a "disability", the air would smell of werewolves. In fact, that's what the bar was all about. Fun, sex, and beer. The owner/manager/part time bartender was to put it, natural in the ways of the seductive arts. At the moment, she was in her office, trying to persuade her half-breed bouncer to sit still while she chopped off his uncontrolable hair.

She was a beauty, standing at about 5'6 or 5'5, with dark hair that came a little past her shoulders. Her skin was almost what you would call tan, with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose and cheekbones. Dressed casually in a white t-shirt and dark jeans with holes cut acutely to show of flashes of tanned skin underneath, she didn't seem like a bar-owning type. Finishing off his hair, she stepped back, and gazed at him with silver-blue eyes. The little plate on her desk read "Sabine Matthinson", yet it seemed out of place with hare-brained books and papers thrown every which way on the mahogany desk.

"How does it look?" the bouncer asked, running his hand through his newly cropped mane. He was a muscular guy, and his multi-colored eyes threw a lot of people off. His name was Cam, though his last name was un-sure to Sabine. He was a half-breed, part vampire and part werewolf. She had just hired him 4 months ago, and he was working out pretty well. He saved her a lot of maulings, that's for sure.

"Great. I could be a hair-stylist." Sabine replied, tossing the scissors on her desk. He stood, and grinned at her, poked her once."Come on Sabine, lighten up. Buisness is great, and you have a handsome guy at your call anytime." He waved his hand, showing the guy he ment. Sabine rolled her eyes, and nudged Cam out. "Just keep the vampires out, okay?" she told him, closing the door behind him. Sighing, she went back to her desk, and begin to sort through papers. The bar had just been opened two years ago, yet she had brought in over 90,000 dollers in the last year. a gentleman bar, with pure-breed werewolves dancing, and eh, "entertaining" her guests. Sabine's main sense of income came from this, but she also brought in about 500 dollers a week from cleaning up werewolves kills and doing a bit of vampire bounty hunting.

It had been a long week, with a surprise visit from her bitchy sister Ryder. She had came in her, trying to find a vampire she was after, and ended up killing a human man instead. Sabine swore Ryder was coming un-done. Ever since she had met Eden, Ryder was becoming more and more ecentric. Sabine doubted that her sister spent anytime around other werewolves; she acted as though the world was going to end any second. Sighing Sabine flicked a piece of dust from a paper, wondering if her day could get any worse.
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One time at Band Camp.....
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